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3 Millennia of Excellence course

Learn over 3000 years of ancient Kemetic history in great detail.

  • $600 if paid in full
  • online

Service Description

There are few topics which captivate people worldwide, regardless of age, ethnicity, language, or continent of origin. Ancient Egypt stands virtually alone in this regard, however, very few of us have a working knowledge of this nation which gave civilization to the world. Taught on the level of an introductory college course, 3 Millennia of Excellence will not only acquaint scholars with virtually all of Kemetic history, but it will serve as a fine entry point for those who are interested in further study or even the practice of Kemetic spirituality. The course is structured according to the major periods (Old, Middle and New Kingdoms) and the intervening Intermediate Periods. We will paint an intimate portrait of the Ancient Africans who created one of the world's earliest and most important nations. In order to allow scholars to take this course regardless of geographic location, each class will be taught at a location in Harlem, New York and webcast live on our website. Classes will run approximately 2 1/2 hours.

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