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3 Millennia of Excellence

Learn over 3000 years of ancient Kemetic history in great detail

Dates: 6/6/22-9/19/22
2.5 hours per session
15 sessions
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The Sable Struggle: African American History

Learn about the accomplishments & challenges of Black people in the United States.

Dates to be announced
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African Origins of Chrisitianity

Learn to true history and doctrine attributed to today's practice of the tradition

Dates: 5/2/22-5/23/22
2.5 hours per session
4 sessions

Ast and Heru.webp
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Medu Neter

A beginner's guide to the Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) language

Dates; 9/6/22-11/8/22
1.5 hours per session
10 sessions
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REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Please note that upon payment, you will be contacted via the name and email address connected to your PayPal account.  If you would like to use a different email or will be registering under a different name, please send us a message at

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