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The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at On Tour in
DjedenMa'at Aten-Ra
Center Founders, Jabari Osaze and Anika Daniels-Osaze, toured Egypt with the African
Genesis Program this summer.  Their fifth trip to Egypt with the group, the couple are
facilitators for the organization's New York Chapter.  

The African Genesis Program, founded by Philadelphia-based Helen and Ali Salahuddin, is
a rights of passage program for students of African decent ages 7 to 14.  The program
consists of a 2 and 1/2 year curriculum which features lectures by noted historians, guided
the conclusion of their study, the students take a life-altering, free sojourn to Egypt
Jabari Osaze conducting tour of Ipet Resyt,
also known as Luxor Temple
The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at team was responsible for a large portion of the program's educational components on Ancient
Egypt, they also led tours of several key sites including the Giza Plateau, Djoser's Step Pyramid, and the Karnak and Luxor temples.  
The students focused on uncovering the hidden contributions of Africans to human civilization.  They truly lived the motto of the African
Genesis Program, "It is Better to Build a Child than Repair an Adult."  For more information on enrolling students to the program or on
becoming an Adult mentor and chaperon, visit the website for the parent program, the
d'Zert Club.
The “Black Pharoahs”                                                          
By Nfr-Ka Ma’at
National Geographic has decided to through a bone to African people by publishing their February issue
called “The Black Pharaohs”.  What they are trying to do is distract you from the fact that all of the
dynasties were ruled by Black “Pharaohs” both men and women from Dynasty 0 beginning with the rule of
Narmer to the end of the 25th Dynasty when the Persians conquered Ancient Egypt.    

Not only do Europeans continue to try to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to our history and the
history of the world, but they change the language and context of our stories.  The rulers would not have
called themselves “Pharaohs”.  They were Per-a or Nsw-Bity.  They also didn't rule “Egypt”; they ruled
Kemet, the Black civilization.  The term Egypt comes
ancient Khamites began in the southern regions of Africa, which technically is the from
the Latin word Aegyptus derived from the Greek word Aígyptos.  The origins of the
ancient Khamites began in the southern regions of Africa, which technically is the
northern region since the Khamites oriented themselves by the beginning of the Hapi
(misnomered NILE ) river.  Their ancestors were the Twa people (misnomered
pygmies).  The Khamites left clues as to how they classified themselves racially.  The
symbol for the word for “face” in the Metu Neter (Ancient Kemetic language misnomered
hieroglyphics) has clear African features.  The Khamites developed their language
based on their own culture and environment.  If they weren't African, they would not
have depicted themselves as such.
Statues of the 25th Dynasty Rulers found in Kerma.
Europeans also try to mislead those who don’t know any better by showing Nubians as captives making it seem like there are
different from those who defeated them.  Who says that people of the same race do not battle each other?  The Georgians and the
Russians are battling right now, but no one questions whether they are all white people!  

In the Book of Gates, there are four “race” depictions:   Libyan, Nubian, Asiatic, and “Egyptian”.  Looking at this image, Europeans
understood that the Egyptians and the Nubians were of the same race and have since hidden this image by closing off the tombs
that hold the original images.  In reality, the difference between the “Egyptians” and the Nubians is analogous to the difference
between the Ethiopians and the Eritreans or the Ashanti and the Fanti.  
Movies like, Cleopatra (with Elizabeth Taylor), the Scorpion King (with Duane “The Rock”
Johnson) and the Mummy continue to mislead the masses.   Cartoons like Yu-Gi-Oh! and
Tutenstein make matters worse.  Not only are our people confused by the lies and
deception, but Asians and other Europeans as well.  Why would the “pharaoh” be a
Japanese kid with white features who has Egyptian magic cards and fights evil "pharaohs”
in Japan using the help of Anubis (the Greek misnomer for Anpu)?  If that is not total
confusion, I don’t know what is!  
These glyphs from a relief in the
Valley of the Kings are the
symbols for the creator, face,
and head; "ntr”, “hr”, and “tp”
respectively.  As you can see
the features are clearly African.
The only reason Duane Johnson was casted for the Scorpion King (Narmer of Dynasty 0
renamed Mathayus for the movie), is that he is biracial and looks “ethnic”.  This allows

And let us not forget one of the first movies that pushed the argument of the pharaohs
being of “white” origin, Elizabeth Taylor is cast as Cleopatra.  But guess what…Cleopatra
probably was of white origin, if not biracial.  She ruled during the time when the Roman
Empire conquered Egypt in 30BC, over 600 after the 25th dynasty (the last indigenous
If the captives were Nubians who were
undoubtedly Black, then the Khamites
could not be Black, right?...Wrong!
know the spin that Hollywood will take on the character.  Of course the movie refers to a “Nubian
25th dynasty was an aberration, the one great ride in the sun for Blacks!  

I have little faith that this new movie will do any justice to the true story of our people and
unfortunately, although I believe Will has good intentions, he won’t be able to argue for our
accurate depictions either, whether he knows what they are or not.  My finally word:  Learn you’
re his/her-story, Black people...don’t let others define it for you.