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Ancient Kemet (Egypt) is the civilization which gave mathematics, architecture,
literature, religion, and science.  While it is the most influential nation in history, is
still stands shrouded in mystery and confusion.  

Historian and Kemetic High Priest, Jabari Osaze will uncover several of the secrets
of Ancient Kemet in a FREE, interactive, multimedia, lecture entitled the Mysteries
of Ancient Kemet Revealed.  

Accomplished lecturer, award-winning author, TV personality, and tour guide,
Jabari Osaze has studied African History for over 25 years, focusing on areas of
philosophy, esoteric symbols, and sacred science. Brother Osaze has led annual
study groups in Egypt since 2002 and tours of the world renowned Egyptian
collections of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Univ. of Penn’s Museum of
Archaeology and Anthropology and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  He teaches a
variety of courses on ancient African history, and lectures on a wide variety of
historical and motivational topics.   He is also the author of 7 Little White Lies: The
Conspiracy to Destroy the Black Self-Image.

Lecture Facilitated by Jabari Osaze, Heru DjedenMa'at Aten-Ra
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The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Revealed:  A FREE Interactive, Multimedia Presentation
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Friday, February 17 @ 7 PM              The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at - 211 W 131st Street, Garden Level
(Btwn. AC Powell and F Douglass Boulevards)
NY, NY 10027
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